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03-14-2009, 10:54 PM

I am writing my first book. The subject is youth soccer for new parents and coaches. I am basing the book on my experiences as a youth soccer coach, who started out as a dumb parent and navigated my way through the world of youth soccer, eventually coaching competitive teams and even being a referee. I did this for 18 years and have a lot of thoughts on the subject and good (I think) advice for new parents and coaches who enter into youth soccer.

I am about 60% done with the first draft. It is in MS Word. I have been looking ahead to POD publishers, editing services, etc. I will need a lot of help with editing, marketing, and everything that goes along with putting a book on the shelf. Don't want to spend a ton of money, though. Maybe $1500 or so to get the book done. Most of the basic packages at POD services (Dog Ear, Mill City Press, Iuniverse) are within that range.

I am doing this for self satisfaction, and have a lot to say about the subject. I am not in this for the money or recognition. I would like to eventually cover my costs.

I will have a few comments from "experts" that I know, but mostly it is my opinion based on my personal experiences.

I have seen here where there are "beta readers" who will review your MS and make suggestions. This might be very helpful for me. I expect the book to have about 200 pages, if I can trim it down that much. Like I said, I have a lot to say. I tend to be wordy to put it nice, so I am sure someone can cut it down after I am done.

Is anyone interested in being a beta reader for this project? Should I wait until the whole MS is done in first draft, or is it good to do it in sections as it progresses? As I understand, beta readers do this for free. Is that so? If not, maybe I could work something out with a qualified person who is interested.

Again, I know nothing about writing, publishing, but I do know a lot about my subject.

I appreciate any suggestions related to my writing or my book. Any takers on being a beta reader?
Paul O'Haver