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03-05-2009, 11:16 AM
Had a lovely day..lunch with DH and BF and her DH and mum. Spend an hour getting and small quick printing education at the Minolta copier place, then went to the writer's group.

The purpose of a writer's group is to get opinions, edits etc your work, very cool, everyone there seems to "want" to get their work published, however when you share that you have submitted this and that, found paying markets etc. Spend hours scouring the AW forums, googling and browsing magazines you would never be caught dead actually reading because they are paying markets, and then 10 people speak up and want you to send them all the information you have found.....

Doesn't it just tweak your nerve a little?

I love these folks don't get me wrong, however if their goal is to get their work out in the marketplace, then shouldn't they be doing the same thing I am? Writing like mad, entering contests, submitting 800 word shorts for paying markets and plugging away at a novel?

I fussed about this all the way home from the group to mum...was waiting for the clothes to dry so I can go to bed and I am still tweaked.
Thanks for the venting place. :-)

03-05-2009, 02:27 PM
I'm a member of three groups at different levels of sophistication and I enjoy sharing anything I've found out. I get some return information from the magazines of the two larger groups and discussion from the smaller one.

And yes, I wish more of the members were sharers rather than sponges but I think I'm lucky to have the return information I get.

03-05-2009, 05:29 PM
The first time my long-standing writing group hit this, the person who was peeved was wise to speak up. She said she felt like being expected to share the results of many hours of her efforts, which any of us could have done, was neither fair nor in her best interests, since the other writers in the group might very well become her direct competition. She was still willing to share, but she wanted other members to share something of value to the group as well. When that started to be the norm, she did indeed share her lists and guidelines.

Other members assembled lists of all the writing books members would be willing to loan, all the reference books they'd be willing to look something up in (this was when not everybody had the internet at their fingertips), free or at-cost printing services for those who didn't have a good printer, proofreading for manuscripts ready for submission, offers to brainstorm ideas, and all kinds of other ways they might benefit one another.

A good group all puts in. A poor group has a few who put in and a whole lot of takers.

Maryn, lucky to be in a good group

03-05-2009, 09:35 PM

I do not mind sharing and generally always do, I even gave them this website address so they could come and comb through all the information everyone has shared here, which frankly is amazing.

I just think if you are serious about your "job" then you work hard to achieve results. Last meeting I asked if anyone was entering competitions, and sent several links to competitions. No one even sent back a "thank you." So this month when one of the ladies asked for me to send her some of the information I had found I told her when I had sent out things before no one replied back, so I was not sure if it was wanted or needed, hence I did not send out anything more. Then she made me feel stupid because I wanted "feedback" Oh, you are one of those person's who needs a reply back.

No, I am one of those persons, who when someone sends me something that is going to benefit me I thank them for it. It is called manners, email or not.

Crap, now I am going to get started on manners, and I have to admit mine were well below substandard last night.

03-05-2009, 09:42 PM
I agree a hundred percent, Sham. People seem to think that because it's the internet they don't have to put in that tiny bit of effort but they should. Especially if it's something that someone did for you and didn't have to.

I've actually gotten letters from "professionals" that had "l33t speech" in it. It's literary and consideration rape, I tell you! *Shakes fist*