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03-02-2009, 07:12 PM
Anyone know anything about these?
I saw that on IMDb they have credits listed for production so contacted them assuming they were such with a pitch; to my surprise, the individual replying assumed I was after management and attached a Submission Release Form.

Okay, all's good so far...
My problem was that in the said document, it made at least two references to my waiving my rights to the work/to sue in event of the work being stolen.
I got back to the man stating that I wouldn't sign it and asked if I could send across my own SRF, to which he agreed, though reckoned that their legal department would have to okay it first.

I'm not really after a manager - an agent, yeah, but not manager - and where I've yet to send them over my own Submission Release Form, I've got alarm bells going mad in my head due to their original.
I'm not new to release forms and have signed them in the past, however, this one just struck me as being too much - it would have rendered me completely defenceless had I signed it.

Am I being paranoid?

03-02-2009, 09:36 PM

As I expect you know, such release forms protect them from even-more-paranoid folks who sue over the slightest similarity a produced work might have with their submission. Conversely, they can certainly overdo the CYA. If you can negotiate a version you're comfortable with, I think that bodes well as to how the company will be to work with.