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“Does anyone remember where we left off?” Leukman asks.

“Shadow and Regdog just escaped the werethings,” Susie says, opening a new box of chocolates.

“This is quite a tale,” Ken says, taking a piece of chocolate.

“I can’t believe there’s so much evil around the castle. It seems like such a nice place,” Darzian says.

“I know,” Cooee agrees.

“Did I miss much?” Pete asks, joining the group.

“Nothing I can’t catch you up on,” Beach Bunny answers, sitting next to him.

“It’s getting quite adventurous,” brad remarks.

“I’m sick of being a semi nekkie dancing dude,” Cray gripes.

“Sorry RT, left,” OFG replies with a wicked grin.

“I thought he just came back,” Leukman whispers to OFG.

“Shh,” OFG hushes Leukman.

“Are you people ready? I’m starting the playback,” Don says hitting the ‘PLAY’ button.


Quickie sat at the buffet and ate everything he saw. Unsettled Queen Vixey ventured outside and listened. She heard a distant howl carried on the wind. She sniffed the air.

“Something isn’t right,” Queen Vixey said and returned to the hall.

“Sorry, seafood and a spastic colon,” Quickie said and burped.

Queen Vixey’s attention was drawn to a commotion outside in the courtyard. A guard approached and said the Captain of the Guard and Dungeon Mistress had returned, but orders had been given that noone was to enter the castle. Queen Vixey wanted to allow her Captain and Dungeon Mistress entrance but knew the two could be contaminated by the werecreatures.

“Allow them to enter, but the Royal guard must act as an escort,” Queen Vixey ordered.

The somber procession entered the castle. Shadow was singed and walked with a heavy limp. Regdog looked mad as a hornet.

“Greetings my Queen. We bring word from the woods,” Captain Ferret said to his Queen.

A guard attempted to escort Shadow to the dungeon. Shadow shook the guard’s hand off his shoulder.

“I know the way to the dungeon,” Shadow said and walked toward the dungeon stairs.

Regdog patted her dragon and Chimera and then smacked Quickie across the hall. She felt better and tossed him a muffin.

“Until we’re sure, you must be isolated,” Queen Vixey said.

“Touch me and I’ll beat you to death with your own hand,” Regdog snarled and then followed Shadow down the dungeon stairs.

Lady Kit entered the hall as Shadow and Regdog walked to the dungeon.

“Is that really necessary? If they have no open wounds, they should be fine,” Lady Kit protested.

“They need to be isolated until we’re sure,” Queen Vixey insisted. “I’m not happy about it either.”

Queen Vixey sat on her throne and pondered what was happening to her Queendom.


“You know Shadow, this hasn’t been our week,” Regdog said from her dungeon cell.

“I’ve been in this cell so many times, I should really decorate,” Shadow said, as he scratched Balto’s nose.

Lady Kit entered the dungeon with a bottle of Crown Royal.

“Shadow needs it more,” Regdog said.

Lady Kit handed Shadow the bottle and returned to the Great Hall. Shadow took a long swallow of the amber liquid.

“All right Reg, you’re Dungeon Mistress, I’m sure you know a way out,” Shadow said.

Regdog removed a brick out from the bottom of the cell wall and the cell wall slid to the side. The Chimera stood waiting behind the wall.

“You’re such a good boy,” Regdog said, as she patted the Chimera’s snakehead. “Shall we?” she asked Shadow.

Shadow followed Regdog down the passageway

“This will take us to the Great Hall. We’ll be able to hear everything. What do these things wantanyway?” Regdog asked.

"Well, as much as I gathered, these creatures are free to roam the earth once a year on All Hallow's Eve, but the Siren Witches and that werewolf shadow thing aren't content with that. They want to reign over the living for eternity. To do that, they need Queen Vixey dead. There is some sort of power, a supernatural goodness, within her that is a threat to them," Shadow said.

“We've got to protect Queen Vixey at all cost. Silver should take care of the werewolf but how are we going to kill those Siren Witches? They'll be coming. We only have until tomorrow to figure out how to end those things, permanently.

"The question is do you and I strike out on our own to find whatever will kill those Siren Witches? If we do that, we're leaving Queen Vixey and while my dragons and Chimera will guard her to the death; I'm still not sure one of those things isn't already here, among us,” Regdog said.

Lady Kit hurried back down the dungeon stairs and found both cells empty. She slipped down the passageway and followed Shadow and Regdog’s path. She emerged behind them in the passageway.

“I’ll guard the Queen. You two go after the werecreatures,” Lady Kit said.

“We know Kit’s not a werecreature and my pets will take orders from her,” Regdog said to Shadow.

“Yes, I trust Kit,” Shadow said. “You and I can head out and figure how to stop this whole mess,” Shadow said to Regdog.

Lady Kit hurried back to the Great Hall and followed Queen Vixey as she left the Hall.

Shadow and Regdog left the passageway and stepped into the sunlight.

“Okay Noble Ferret. Where do we even start looking?” Regdog asked.

Will Lady Kit be able to protect the Queen?

Can Shadow and Regdog stop the werecreatures and Siren Witches?

Will Quickie get some antacid?

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Wonderful story and I'm mentioned in the second line! :D Terrific. :Clap: :Clap: :Clap:

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Glad you guys liked it

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I have special powers! Cool! :)

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I think you should have kicked Quickie more.

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I think you should have kicked Quickie more.

I absolutely agree with that statement. Afterall, he could be the cause of all this.

Well he could be.

Anywhoo - nicely done!


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I absolutely agree with that statement. Afterall, he could be the cause of all this.

Well he could be.

Anywhoo - nicely done!


Okay, Leukman. You get one back. :D

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It's a shame you weren't around that week, Leukman. You'd have seen all the kicking that went on. Heather was taking no prisoners. :D

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as always, wonderful job, Heather... you've hooked me and I wanna know more of the story... keep'em coming folks... :e2writer: :e2headban