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05-29-2005, 08:02 AM
What type(s) of plot structure do you all hang your sex scenes on? ;) How does/doesn't that work well with supplying your readers with a steady supply of sex scenes? I know some publishers ask that there be a sex scene in every chapter.

Or, how about character dynamics? What kinds make for the most sizzling romances? Mutual love at first sight doesn't work real well because once the characters sleep together there isn't any conflict left, but unrequited love doesn't work well either because if one character isn't interested either no sex happens or it's non-consentual. Personally I like set-ups where one character's motives are in doubt: Were they hired to seduce the other character? Is one character motivated by shallow lust while the other wants true luv? Does a dominanat character want to humiliate and subjugate the other, or make them writhe in pleasure?

05-29-2005, 12:55 PM
I moved from writing romance to writing erotic romance (some of which I sell to erotic markets)--so it was howto I put sex in my plot. Generally in a romance there are multiple points where sex could occur. I have not worked with a publisher that needs sex every chapter, or equally spaced sex scenes. I suppose I average a sex scene every 3-4 chapters. I don't shoe horn sex in if it doesnt suit the story, just go for lowing the sensuality rating on that one.

When outline I include all plot elements including sex scenes. The plots that easily include sexual plot elements in a monogamous relationship generally do require a level of tension or misunderstanding.

05-30-2005, 06:42 PM
Getting characters into some type of sexual antics right away and keeping sexual tension is a damn fine work of art and not an easy thing to do. I tend to use a lot of adventure elements in my erotic writing. It helps me keep the sexual tensions ebbing and flowing.
I also never write straight formula sex. A, B, C, inserted into D.....meaning kiss first, then pet, then oral, then intercourse. (I have read to many romance stories! lol. It got to seem like a formula) So, I shake up the mix anyway I can. One story they never kiss. One they start out on oral, but kiss by the end. In one the man starts at her feet, laughing, any way I just mix it up.

S. Anders