View Full Version : Baby Games: Month 1-12

02-19-2009, 02:14 AM
I am writing an article for an online parenting site and need quotes from parents.

The topic:
Baby's first year - Developmental milestones for each month and developmental "games" or activities parents can do to encourage, promote or just have fun with these new skills.

I have my experts lined up, what I need is anecdotal quotes from parents. Do you have anything to add about your own baby's developmental milestones or “games” or activities you played with your child his or her first year. Any suggestions, fun stories, feelings around milestones, feelings around activities, etc. Did your child enjoy these activities, did you, was it a bonding time, a frustrating time, etc. I am still sorting out how I will structure the article, so I am open to what you’d like to share.

Will need to use your name, city and state. Thanks so much!
My deadline is Feb 26.

Please email me directly at KeathLow AT aol DOT com