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“Just how long does this story gone on for?” Beach Bunny asks, as she passes Susie the chocolate.

“I don’t know, but I like it. It can on for a while, we have lots of chocolate,” Susie answers.

“Well there’s no football and Ghost Hunters isn’t on yet,” Celina says.

“Is everyone finally settled down, or do I have to start schmooing?” RT asks.

“You know the constant schmooing threats do get kind of old,” Cray replies from the Great Hall doorway.

In one horrifying flash, the battery is transformed into a rotund, semi nekkied, dancing man wearing a blue codpiece and trucker hat.

“Oh, good Lord, don’t look,” OFG warns, covering Ken’s eyes.

“Now that is some evil in this castle,” Leukman quips.

“Does anyone have any idea where my marble and pants are?” Brad asks.

“Nope,” Darzian says, offering Cooee some popcorn.

“Do you think anyone saw last week’s chapter?” Cooe asks.

“Of course they--you didn’t?” Darzian looks at Cooee.

“Uh—well,” Cooee stutters.

“I’m starting the tape,” Don says, pressing the ON button of the video replay.

************************************************** ***

Queen Vixey sat in the dark, empty hall and thought about the events unfolding during her rein. Sir Ferret wandered into the hall unaware of the Queen’s presence, and threw a log onto the fire. The shower of sparks jolted Queen Vixey out of her repose.

“Sir Ferret! Come sit by me, and tell me what you think of the Queendom’s situation.”

“Oh, my Queen, my apologies, I didn’t see you there,” Sir Ferret said, as he sat next to the Queen. He thought for a moment before he spoke. “My thoughts? To tell you the truth, until that little Twit showed up, I had no idea what we were up against. But Sunny seems to have a good head on her tiny little shoulders. Her ideas of who might be doing this could prove helpful. It's a place to start, anyway.”

“I agree, we’re fortunate she stumbled into the Queendom. I’m going to retire for the evening,” Queen Vixey said and left the hall.

Sir Ferret decided that given the week’s events he should patrol the grounds. He walked the perimeter of the castle and was relieved to find nothing out of the ordinary. He returned to the Great Hall, poured himself a brandy, lit a cigar, and stepped out onto the balcony. He blew a cloud of blue smoke into the night sky and watched it disperse, that was when he saw the lights in the woods.

The lights moved in a line away from the castle. Sir Ferret thought back to what Sunny had said about witches being responsible for the problems in the Queendom and he decided to investigate.

He whistled low for Balto, and the small dragon flew down from the castle spires. Balto followed Sir Ferret into the hall, as the Captain of the Guard armed himself with a battle- axe. He wrote a note to the Queen and Dungeon Mistress to explain what he saw and that he was going to investigate.

As he approached the main gates, Sir Ferret instructed the guards to bolt the doors after his departure and allow no one to enter the castle. He then made his way into the dense forest with loyal Balto flying overhead.

Together, Sir Ferret and Balto journeyed deep into the forest, until they came upon lights in a clearing where chanting and singing could be heard. He instructed Balto to remain where he was and went further in to investigate.

Ahead, in the clearing Sir Ferret saw 20 to 30 Siren Witches dancing around a bonfire. He moved as close as he dared to try and overhear their plans, but a twig snapped under his foot. He withdrew behind a tree, but it was too late. The Siren Witches surrounded him and pounced as he reached for his sword.

Sir Ferret fought valiantly but was overwhelmed by their superior numbers. The Siren Witches grabbed Sir Ferret and held him down. Normally this would have been a fantasy come true for Sir Ferret, but these women were not the type of women men and ferrets fantasized about and the only one who was smiling, was the one holding a spear to Sir Ferret’s head.


Back at the castle, unaware of the drama unfolding in the forest, breakfast was being served.

“Good morning,” Queen Vixey said, as she entered the Hall.

“Good morning,” Bill said, over his coffee.

“I’m going to check the royal archives and see if there is something that could give us a clue to what has been going on around here,” Queen Vixey said and left the hall.

“That sounds like a good idea Queen. I’ll pour some more coffee and think,” Bill said, as he followed Queen Vixey out.

Regdog entered the hall to find it empty, no Sir Ferret, Queen Vixey, Bill or Kit. Something was wrong. She decided to have a look around and started in the dungeon. A pungent odor of booze and wet dog stung her nostrils. Haggis was passed out at the foot of the stairs.

“One, two three four,” Regdog counted Haggis’ legs. “Well that’s good anyways. Poor is the Chihuahua who can’t handle his drink,” she said, as she picked him up.

Regdog thought for a moment, she could take Haggis up to one of the empty chambers. There the Chihuahua could sleep off his overindulgence in a soft bed, with clean sheets and warm blankets, or she could toss him in his usual cold, damp, dank dungeon cell while an angry manticore and minotaur patrolled the halls. It was no contest.

Regdog tossed Haggis into the cell and locked the door. She knew she shouldn’t get such a kick out of doing that but…

She returned to the hall and found Sir Ferret’s note. Well at least that explained his absence, but where was everyone else? The Dungeon Mistress served herself some breakfast and had just began to eat when an eerie feeling snaked down her spine. She was being watched. Regdog looked around and then saw the culprit, Quickie. The bunny peered over the end of the table.

“You eating that muffin?” he asked.

“No, it’s all yours,” Regdog said, as she backhanded Quickie over the table and tossed him the muffin.

“I don’t know what it is but, there is something about you that screams, ‘available’,” Quickie said, as he bit into his muffin.

“Sticks and stones break my bones, but whips and chains excite me. Oops, wrong thread,” Regdog answered.

“Hey, how you doing?” Quickie asked, as he brushed crumbs off his chest.

“Oh breakfast,” Sunny said as she flitted into the hall.

“Good morning all,” Bill said as he returned. “I see the fate of Sir Ferret is still under consideration.”

“I’m sure Sir Ferret is okay, after all Balto is with him. If anything was wrong Balto would return to us. He is a very well trained dragon,” Regdog said.


What is the fate of Sir Ferret?

Will Balto return in time?

Will Haggis have a killer hangover?

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Morning Heather

Your post is all in script

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Great chapter, Heather! Maybe Sir Ferret will stop by and post pictures of what those siren witches looked like.

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Glad you liked it

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great continuation of the saga Heather, and the hooks at the end are really... uhhh .... hooks. Can't wait for the next episode...as always, masterful work.