View Full Version : Anyone in Wilmington, Delaware?

05-24-2005, 05:07 PM
I've written an article for my Cold Spots series about the Dead Presidents Pub in Wilmington, Delaware. The manager has been very cooperative with the research, but there is one thing I'm still looking for which he doesn't seem to be able to provide...A picture of the place.

Does anyone who lives in that area have any pictures of the Dead Presidents Pub that I may use? It's really too good of a story to pass up, and haunted bars hold a warm place in my heart.

Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.


05-24-2005, 05:39 PM
Dang, the company I worked at up until January has their headquarters there. Unfortunately, the only people I'm still in contact with are located in the MidWest.

clara bow
05-24-2005, 07:32 PM
Think the Chamber of Commerce would send you any pics?

05-24-2005, 08:10 PM
I asked...As soon as they found out what it was for, they stopped answering my e-mails. The owner has been nice, but says he has no photos. Also, the historical society over there (whatever their name is) apparantly doesn't like "negative" press, but as long as the owner doesn't mind, I don't see that it's any of their business.

Tish Davidson
05-24-2005, 10:35 PM
Why don't you post your request on an photography bulletin board? You might get better response there.

05-24-2005, 10:46 PM
I hadn't thought of that. :kiss: