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01-31-2009, 10:49 AM
When I chose the names for my 2 MC's, I didn't look up names that fit. i chose Alexis Valerie Buren and Harry Colin Black (going by Colin).

One day, I decided to look up the names.

Alexis: (Greek) "helper" or "defender".
Valerie: (English form of Valeria) "to be strong"

It'd be one thing if the name was a trait she had, but those two bolded words were her iconic traits. It's almost like the "Big McLargeHuge" running gag on MST3K.

Then I looked up Colin. I remembered seeing somewhere that it derives from or is a form of my name, which derives from Greek for "victory of the people", which Colin definitely wasn't.

I looked it up, and there was a parallel meaning.

Colin: (Anglicized form of Cailean) "Whelp"

I went to look up "whelp (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/whelp)."

It was another hit.

It fit Colin well enough. He looks younger than he is, acts immature, and is very inexperienced. He is even loyal, fitting the more canine definition.

On the other hand, "Harry" (home ruler) did not fit Colin, but that was the last of their names I chose, and it wasn't chosen to fit as much as to make a couple of jokes and justify Colin using his middle name more often. "Black" was chosen for what it implies, so, while it does fit Colin's moral ambiguity and soul-less status, it really isn't an example of "Name fits the character despite my actions."

So, three names that fit the character despite not being chosen by meaning,
one joke name that didn't fit,
one name chosen for meaning,
and the last name (Buren) I got from "Van Buren" and it's just a description of location and doesn't really mean too much beyond that.

It's funny how I chose some descriptive names despite not checking for definitions (and even knowing about one "incorrect" definition).

01-31-2009, 11:15 AM
Makes one wonder how people would interpret made-up names. :D

Although Alexis and Valerie both have a "rawr!" feel to 'em, as opposed to Colin's kind of drawn-out syllables. Kind of like a kid crying, you know? Coliiiiiiinnnnnni! =P