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01-26-2009, 06:10 PM
My blog, Poison Scents (http://fragrancefree.wordpress.com), has been nominated for an Okie Blog Award (http://okiedoke.com/ok/08awards/index.html) in the Best Unusual Blog category over at Okiedoke (http://okiedoke.com/blog/). Since Poison Scents is relatively new with a plain-Jane template I was surprised to get a nomination, but I guess it's all about the content. I link to information about how to live with a chemical sensitivity, give anecdotes from my own struggle with fragrance, and answer reader questions. It's small, but I love it.

I must be the only one with a fragrance blog in OK, hence the "unusual" nomination. My competition includes a photog, a dog lover, and a ghost hunter.

Only active Oklahoma bloggers are eligible to vote. Votes must be in by Feb 7. The nominations list and instructions on how to vote are here (http://okiedoke.com/ok/08awards/index.html). It's pretty simple: just a cut/paste/fill-in-the blank email. Help support the Oklahoma blogging community by visiting the website and casting your votes for your favorite Okie blogs (and hopefully one of them is mine ;) ).