View Full Version : Take a trip to Greyling Bay!

Old Hack
01-22-2009, 03:59 PM
Greyling Bay is my new blog for collaborative flash/sudden fiction, and I'd really welcome a few strong submissions. There's no pay, I'm afraid, but so far it's attracted some excellent, established writers.

The idea is simple: between us, we're revealing the story of a seaside town. Each piece should be no longer than 500 words; you're welcome to create your own new characters, or to develop characters, locations or events that other writers have already established. I've labelled it literary fiction but please don't be scared by that: all it means is that I want good, strong writing about believable people.

If you write in a different genre then by all means contribute: but what ever you write is going to have to fit in well with the other pieces already published, and develop it in some way. The only thing I really won't consider is porn (and yes, I've had some submitted already, which managed to discuss a whole cricket match along the way... it was amazing, in a compelling but horrible way, and I rejected it before I got to the end).

You can read the whole thing by following that link in my signature. And here are the terms and conditions (http://greylingbay.blogspot.com/search/label/FAQ), including information about how to submit. I'm particularly interested in seeing contributions which bring a little lightness and humour into the Bay, because so far it is a little grim; and I'd like to see some of the established characters develop and build relationships with one another, rather than a constant influx of new people.

I look forward to hearing from you all, and to finding out about who else lives in Greyling Bay!