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Unlike the posters of Fajita Sunrise, we here at Evil Stalks the Castle are proud of the miniseries that we have written. So I would like to take a moment and thank Vixey and Heather (regdog) for their dedication to continuing to document the harrowing events that took place in the Royalty thread during the week of Halloween. Everyone give the girls a reppie and say thank you (a hug wouldn't kill you either :tongue).

Yes I understand this is the first time I have posted my contribution, but it is being done only because I forgot to send it Vix and am up at this late hour. Forgive the delay, I know you all were expecting it yesterday. And so, without further ado, delay or detainment, I give you chapter 8...

The dungeon! How could Heather do this to me? That foolish beast didn’t get a single claw into me and here I was stuck in the dungeon all because it sprayed some blood on me. I suppose, hindsight being what it is, I could have been more gracious about her putting me in here. She was just doing her job…

I turned over on the bed. At least the sleeping accommodations were good. They ought to be. I had had this place outfitted to the nines when I was dungeon mistress. But I could hear Queen Vixey and Sir Ferret talking in the great hall above me.

I was only able to listen with one ear. I was too worried about what Kthrok was going to do to them. They finally figured out that I was leaving every night and I had to tell them where I was running off to, but no one believed me. Knowing that man, he was plotting something worse than a werewolf stalking us. Why couldn’t they have listened? On a positive note, Heather had brought Zeus and I steak. Zeus had been a bit upset about it being cooked, but eventually he had eaten it.

It had been interesting, listening to them all trying to figure out who the head were was. I could assure them until I was blue in the face that it wasn’t me, but they wouldn’t listen. At least there had been some other names thrown under the guillotine. Someone had finally listened to me, namely Queen Vixey, and had mentioned Richard’s obvious absence. I hadn’t seen the old sea captain in the castle for days now. Haggis had brought up Beach Bunny, right after he had suggested beheading me, but there was no way it was her. Bunny was flirtatious, but a sweetheart. She didn’t have an evil bone in her body and whatever had done this was pure evil.

Heather had been through the dungeons earlier, checking to make sure all was well. My eyes had been closed and I’m sure she had assumed I was sleeping, but she didn’t realize how impossible it is to sleep with a snoring panther beside you. I could hear everything in the castle. It was too quite and the clicking of dragon and chimera nails on the stones weren’t calming my nerves in the least.

I heard Queen Vixey wander into the Great Hall and stand before the fire. She was quietly talking to herself when Sir Ferret had surprised her as he returned from the “orphanage”. From down here, he sounded like a gang of wild meerkats coming through the castle. The two were now quietly mulling over the events of the day.

“I'm concerned about the queendom. We haven't had these sort of horrific events around here before that I know of. Do you think it could be evil spirits astir before All Hallows' Eve?” Vixey asked quietly.

” It could be. There might be some sort of supernatural alignment happening, centered on your queendom. It's a shame we don't have a wizard or... hmm. Yeshanu could have helped. She is an Elf Queen, but she announced her departure back to her homelands for some important events coming up.” Sir Ferret had answered after pondering for a moment.

I could hear the chair squeaking under both of their weights. Did they really think we were all blind and stupid?

“A power emanated from her, yes. Sass implied that the wand I used today was inconsequential.” Vix said as she laughed. “She implied the power came from within me!”

Sir Ferret’s response was almost enough to elate me and make my blood run cold a second later.

“Maybe you do, my queen. Maybe, as these mysterious forces unite around the queendom, something, it's polar opposite for good, is uniting within you. However, if this is true, I fear that a mere werewolf is going to be the least of our problems.”

I could hear Heather above me as she quietly left the entrance to the Great Hall. At least I wasn’t the only one listening in tonight. I was the only one who couldn’t help it. Someone had torn the soundproofing I had had installed in these dungeons. Pity. That was going to ruin future fun for me. Soundproofing was too expensive to sneak past another monarch.

“Supersitions, nothing more. Old tales. My grandmother spoke of such stirrings.”

“Superstitions are often based on a grain of truth. I can't explain what I saw last night or what happened today, but I can't deny it either. You held the wand. I felt the power.”

They better be talking about a real wand and not something else or I was going to be ill!

“But she said it was a stick with no powers.” Vixey was so focused on that darn stick it was enough to drive a girl insane. I felt bad for Sir Ferret, but he was trying his best.

” It was a stick with no powers. The power is you. Something is growing as we near All Hallow's Eve. Something outside us and something inside you. Power, that will culminate in a battle between good and evil. We must prepare somehow.”

I heard the flea bitten tick farm approaching the Great Hall. I would never in my life have another nice word to say about Haggis. He had suggested beheading me! I turned over on the bed and decided to make a real effort to get some sleep. This conversation was over. Vixey would never speak that openly in front of Haggis, he had ruined the moment. I thanked the powers above, whatever their name might be for that. What I had heard was enough to give me nightmares.

My sleep was briefly disturbed as Haggis stopped in front of my cell and whispered a quiet good night. Ok, maybe he wasn’t all bad.

Morning light streamed into the dungeon cell, waking me to a horrible sound. Where was that screeching coming from? Realization struck me like a bucket of cold water. It was Haggis and he was trying to get me killed yet again! I was going to get that tick farm when I got out of here and he was never going to see it coming.

“OMG! OMG! Look, everybody. Kit's changing! Where's that broadsword?”

Thank the heavens for Lady Susie’s intervention!

“It’s just bed head, Haggis. Nothing that a cup of coffee and a hairbrush won’t fix. Silly puppy” she told him with a pat on the head.

A few minutes later I was again in the Great Hall, a steaming cup of coffee in my hand and performing my morning ritual of convincing my eyes to open, a hair’s breath at a time. The feeling of dread had not left me though. Something was coming and it wasn’t going to be good. A shudder ran through me as I looked at all the royals. Would we all still be here at the end of this? Would things ever be the same as before this all started?

Can Kit keep her head for another chapter?

Will Queen Vixey ever accept that she is magical?

Where does everyone keeping popping out from?

Would someone please punt Haggis already??!

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Applause, Kit!

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Ohhhh, I wonder what happens next. No really I do, I'm not writing the next chapter

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A little beheading never hurt anybody. *snif*

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A little beheading never hurt anybody. *snif*

Especially when you're the one swinging the axe

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I'm excited that I'm in the story and that I'm a Lady Susie, too! Great stuff!

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A little beheading never hurt anybody. *snif*

Well you lay your neck on that block over there Haggis and I'll swing the axe. Then you can let me know if it hurt. :D

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Aw...don't hurt widdle Haggis.

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I am Chihuahua. Hear me roar.

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