View Full Version : Do creativity exercises and discussions of anxiety and blocks go here?

12-30-2008, 07:19 AM
I'm kind of surprised that blocks, creativity, and the psychology of creating art don't seem to have their own subforum of absolute write. This seemed like the closest one? EDIT: Oh, duh, this forum has an outwitting writer's block subforum... :rolleyes:

Anyway I want to say 2 things:
1) I just read this book Coaching the Artist Within by Eric Maisel, a self-titled 'Creativity Coach' and I really liked it, it has insights into a lot of the common reasons people don't BIC or can't settle on an idea or stall out in the middle or write a manuscript then never even try to publish it.

2) I'd like to have a thread where forum members act as creativity coaches for each other. Or perhaps it would be better to have one thread per person? I'm volunteering to be one of the coaches and I'd also like to describe my own issues. Coaching mainly consists of asking non-judgmental questions to get people to have more insight into their own desires and fears and artistic goals/dreams, along with some reassurance, suggestions for affirmations or exercises, and sometimes it is necessary to point out when someone is making excuses or needs to just sit down and write, although never in a harsh or critical way.