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12-24-2008, 09:36 PM
Here is Chapter 6 of Evil Stalks The Castle. It is told from Heather The Royal Dungeon Mistress' point of view AKA regdog

Haggis limps, battered and bruised, into the Great Hall carrying the dead body of Muse by the neck. He slams Muse to the ground and drags the electric chair in from the Comedy Cabaret.

Hey wait, I think to myself. I know that chair. That’s what the Cabaret crew used to greet me during my first visit to that thread. Real nice lot of AWers they are.

"Shadow, strap Muse in. Regdog, plug the chair in. I’ll pull the switch," Haggis says with sadistic glee.

Haggis looks at me as I plug the electric chair in. I get a terrible feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach.

"Oh, and about your werewolves? Sorry. They didn’t make it."

I feel like I have been punched in the stomach. My werewolves didn’t make it?!?!?!?! My babies. My sweet, terrifying babies. Despite my usual cold, bitchy, fireball chucking demeanor, I cannot stop the flood of tears. I barely hear Shadow ask Haggis about the battle.

"What happened out there, Haggis?"

"I loved my werewolves," I say with a sob.

"Don’t worry, you and Kit can go shopping for more," Queen Vixey says consolingly in her gentle way.

"It wasn’t pretty, Ferret. Not pretty at all," Haggis says and then looks back at me. "Be proud of them Regdog, they were brave to the end." Haggis pulls the switch and a ZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPTTTTTTTTTTT fills the Hall. "That should take care of the evil freak. Someone find the vet. We need to check for a heartbeat."

"We don’t have a vet, Haggis. No one wanted the job," Queen Vixey says, as she looks at the smoldering remains with revulsion. "I’m not going to check."

"I smell singed fur," Shadow says, as he walks up to me. He puts a comforting arm around my shoulder. "I know you loved them. And your werewolves loved you. It was because of that love that they did what they did."

"Thanks Shadow. You are a man among ferrets. Or is that a ferret among men." I walk up to Muse and kick the vile thing halfway across the hall. "Seems dead to me. My poor babies." I kick Muse back toward the electric chair.

"Go purr in Heather’s lap. She needs some love," Kit says, nudging her panther Zeus.

"Shoot, we better cut off its head to make sure it’s dead," Haggis says. "But first let me zap it again." He throws Muse back into the electric chair and ZZZZAAAAAAPPPTTTTTTTT. Haggis retrieves a broadsword and with an arcing blow removes Muse’s head.

Haggis’ head slumps from exhaustion as the sword falls from his hand. He drags himself to the bar. "A double, please. Neat."

"He beat me to it. I wanted to hack something," Shadow complains, as he hands Haggis his drink. Even in the worst of times, our noble Ferret never fails in his bartending duties.

"Thanks for the drink, Shadow. Feel free to do more hacking. I’m not sure the damn thing is dead," Haggis says wearily.

"Thank you, Haggis. I’d like to reward you with something. Name it and it’s yours," Vixey says and then cringes at what she just offered.

True to his perverted nature, Haggis thinks the worst of Queen Vixey’s offer.

As Haggis fills his mind with lewd images of our Queen, Shadow walks over to Muse’s remains. He unsheathes his sword and hacks the beast with vicious ferocity.

"Boy, that sure felt good. Anyone else want a go? Heather you lost a couple of werewolf," Shadow says, offering me the sword.

"Absolutely," I say taking the sword and exact a measure of revenge. "That was for my babies."

Haggis hurried to the dungeon and returns with his puppies. "Look everybody! My puppies. They’re back to normal," Haggis says with tears of joy running down his snout.

Looking at the puppies we see each has regained their demonic eye glow. We never thought we would have missed their purple, red and green eyes so much.

"Aww, the one in the middle has your eyes," Shadow says.

"YEAH!!! Finally some good news," I say truly happy.

"Here Haggis," Queen Vixey says, handing Haggis her lace hankie. "I’m glad they’re back."

"Yes, at least there is some good news. I feel so bad for the weres. And, of course the poor guy who got partially eaten last night. Of course, you can always get good field hands," Haggis says.

"They were such good weres. How they loved chasing villagers under the full moon," I say fondly.
"They did, didn’t they," Haggis agrees. "You don’t suppose one of them...nah. That would be too horrible to consider. And that would make Muse innocent. Unless..."

"The big one liked getting scratched behind his ears..." Shadow begins, and then stops. "Now what are you thinking, Haggis" he says.

Why did it suddenly seem like this was going to be a very short lived victory? And why did Haggis feel it necessary to rain on our parade?

Tune in next week for more marvelous medieval mayhem!

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I bet Haggis is the were.

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I bet Haggis is the were.


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Excellent story and writing!

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Haggis always loves to rain on parades.

12-26-2008, 04:36 PM
Haggis always loves to rain on parades.

It's better than having him pee on them