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05-16-2005, 01:00 AM
While walking my dog today, a mixture of, maybe, standard poodle and lab. We were circling a schoolyard a block away from home when two dogs playing up the block came running toward my dog. One I knew, Shamus, a wheaton puppy some ten months old, the other, a large bull terrior who I didn't know. My dog welcomes all dogs--she's crazy that way. They bounced off each other like exuberant dogs do. Shamus had a leash, the bull terrier didn't. None of the dogs showed sings of viciousness. I grappled with leashes and collars to slow them down.

The bull terrier was about five years old and weighed about 70 pounds. Btw, I'm friendly with the guy who owns the wheaton. While I'm breaking the dogs up, I asked the wheaton owner to give me the bull terrier's leash. He explained that the bull terrier doesn't have one, that the owner, (who was waddling down the block) has complete control of his dog.

The waddler gave a number of commands in which the bull terrier completely ignored, and the entanglement of leashes became a gordian knot. Finally disentangled, I removed my dog from the scene.

The wheaton and the bull terrier were then let free in the back of the school yard where two junior soccer teams were playing. Nothing ontoward happened but this story will contninue.

05-16-2005, 03:28 AM
Ugh. The waddler is not only a bad citizen, but also a bad dog guardian. Allowing his dogs to run free like that puts THEM in danger, and shows he doesn't care about their safety.

I take my dog Howard with me everywhere (all our neighborhood cafes/bars/restaurants allow dogs on the deck). I keep him leashed for his own safety and because some people don't appreciate dog drool all over their shoes. I know, it's hard to believe. I walk him on leash-free trails - and even then I leash him up if I see horses or cows on the loose. Or a small child with food...Howard loves those kids and their snacks!