View Full Version : Any dual-freelance couples out there with new babies?

12-21-2008, 01:26 AM
We're about to have our first (yay!), and we're wondering how in the heck we'll ever get any work done ever again. Going from two home offices and regular coffee shop stays to one office and..? We'll be splitting baby-care duties. Financially, an office outside the home and full-time daycare are both probably out. Maybe part-time care. Otherwise, it's just us. How do we schedule in a newborn and still get work done?

12-21-2008, 04:23 AM
I'm not in exactly the same situation, but both my husband and I have flexible enough schedules to work from home, so when our first baby came, we had to figure some of that stuff out.

My two cents:

1. Plan for some no-productivity time when the baby first comes. I'd say between sleep deprivation and juggling everything, it will be touch and go for the first one or two months.

2. Schedule it out. We had to figure out exactly who would be on baby-duty and who would be working and where and make sure to give that person space to do it. As our son grew older it was easier to match it up with nap times or have the parent on baby-duty take the kiddo out so the other could work in quiet.

3. Prioritize your time. I felt like the typical work at home temptations to take care of household tasks and stuff was heightened with the additional baby demands. I learned to really preserve my work time or my writing time and only do work or writing related things during that scheduled time.

4. Seize all your "spare" time. I actually found myself more productive writing wise after the baby came because time was such a precious commodity. I didn't have time to screw around and procrastinate. So, commit to use nap times and evenings and things like that for work.

We are expecting our second in February, so I'm trying to gear up for the craziness again. This time around, the only thing I'm doing different is to have a reputable and cheap babysitter in mind so that I can have her come to the house a couple of mornings a week if needed.

Good luck! It does calm down after a month or two. I remember feeling so overwhelmed and then after about two or three months I emerged from the newborn haze and could function again. Then by 6-9 months I began to feel like everything was manageable. Be patient with yourselves and congrats!

You never know - you might get an accommodating baby who sleeps all the time and is angelic and all this will be irrelevant. Keep your fingers crossed...