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Plot Device
11-29-2008, 10:41 PM
Herbs are such a mystery to me.

The one day I was walking through someone else's livingroom and Emeril was on. He had easily 2 dozen herbs all over his work table divided into three large piles, and he was pointing to them explaining:

"You can divide herbs into 3 categories," and I was immediately glued. But I sadly did not write anything down.

He also explained when some herbs are better used for poultry and when some are better used for beef. Again I wrote nothing down.

Now for the BEST part: he said what the 3 categroeis were, but I do not even recall them. I think he said one category was the very flowery and aromatic sort, then there were mild yet sweet herbs, then fiercely bitter herbs. But I just don't recall.

This sort of an overview is what I am looking for.

Anyone got suggestions on herb books?