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05-07-2005, 09:18 AM
Hello Fellow Writers:

My name is Chelle well Michelle and I'm writer some of you my know me from my other post but if you don't please feel free to view my other threads to get to know me before you post. I'm on this thread because I need help with my writing I'm not the best grammar person in the world, sometimes I may even misspell a few words. I'm looking for someone to help me learn about grammar see I have a LD where sometimes I mistake words for other words like in, and in other words like that. I know what I want to say but when it comes to saying what I want on paper I have trouble putting them on paper so I'm asking for a mentor or a writer who doesn't mind teaching me what I need to know at times.

With Warm Regards!
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05-08-2005, 07:41 AM
Chelle, Hi, it's Cassie. I don't know anything about LD's... but I went online and I see there is the (Learning Disabilities Association of Tennesee) It's in Memphis.
901-763-1430 5587 Murray Rd. Suite 101 Zip 38119
I also found a website:
http://www.ldonline.org There's a number of software products that help writers organize and write out their ideas. I don't know if they're helpful or not, but I thought maybe if you contacted the Association I mentioned above, they might know something about these programs or be able to help you in other ways.
They might also have volunteers who mentor adults with LD's. It's worth a call.

Do you know anything about them?


05-15-2005, 08:04 AM
The best way to learn grammar, spelling and writing is by reading books. Find something you enjoy reading at the public library or a book store -- whether it's Science Fiction, Mystery, Urban Fiction, or Chick Lit, anything you enjoy, and just read as much as possible. You will also be absorbing a lot about successful stories, just by reading.

It's harder to learn grammar reading online, because people are often sloppy about spelling and grammar in chat or message boards.

Hope this helps-

Little Pencil
05-20-2005, 03:33 AM

Have you checked with your local library to see which writer's groups meet there regularly? I have a feeling that there's probably quite a few.

Writer's groups usually include writers of all levels, and it's a great way to form strong friendships. Fellow writers can help us see things with a new set of eyes that we didn't see by ourselves. That's why a writer's group can really help you.

If you do find one, don't apologize for wanting to learn more. Keep being sincere and say you want all the help you can get. I am sure that if they are good writers, they'll respect you for your honesty and effort.

Keep trying your hardest. You have a passion for writing and that's what will get you through thick and thin times in the writing world. Also feel free to private message me when you need help.

aka Little Pencil