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10-20-2008, 08:00 PM

So I am moving to Mexico. If everything goes according to plan I will be in Mexico City by January or February at the latest.

One of the big reasons I am moving is to find a setting most conducive to my writing an auto-biography. Many people have mentioned a town called Tepoztlan not too far from Mexico City as an ideal town for artists, writers etc....

I am totally excited about this big move but I also am trying to get as much information as possible. Does anybody have any experience living, working or even visiting Mexico? Anyone done much writing there? What about experience living, writing overseas in general?

All info/thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.


10-20-2008, 08:07 PM
*raises hand*

I moved to Mexico in the spring of '07 and started writing once I got here. My blog talks a lot about life here, but feel free to ask me specific questions. I'm in Zihuatanejo, which is on the Pacific between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, but I've heard of Tepoztlan. If it is a haven of creatives, you can probably find information online through google, etc.

Good luck!