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Ms. Jem
10-18-2008, 10:22 PM
Should we write a short story together? The story would build with each post, whatever we want to contribute, a sentence or paragraph. Itís whatever we want it to be, it could have elements of a thriller and evolve into a fantasy/scifi journey. Or, it might turn out to be horror; a beastie could end up being the culprit. We could introduce characters that add flavuh. It will be a fun exercise and Iím looking forward to the challenge that will help my writing, collaborating and building on previous postersí thoughts. Can this be done? This could work if we let everyone know with a short note who is planning to post next, so that we donít all fall over each other. Letís see where we can take this. Iíll start with:

Rhona took a step towards the cave before stopping in her tracks. Nothing moved in the forest. She had come to know the contented rustlings of the night creatures in this part of the world. But this silence was sudden enough to be feared. Even the predators had abandoned this cool, secluded haven. The scream she had heard from over the ridge now seemed to be a memory, an echo from the hell she had just escaped with only one bullet left in her gun.

She should just get out of here; whoever was in that cave was no longer alive. She shouldnít be either, but holding the cold metal against her own temple had finally brought an end to her courage; she couldnít pull the trigger. Instead, she had run all the way out here.

Rhona swiped at the sweat that trickled down her brow, afraid to blink it out of her eyes and miss some nuance of the void in front of her. But it was the kind of absolute blackness that a stalker could settle into with confidence. And now the only sound in the still forest, a scraping against stone in the cave, told her that was exactly what they had done. Something or someone was in there. The thought that they could be watching her right now, waiting for that first sign of weakenss, seasoned the adrenaline pumping through her with anger, and she lifted the gun.

One bullet left. If she went in there, she might have to use it, and she had been saving it for when she couldnít fight anymore. But she could not go back to town, and it would be foolish not to investigate what had so abruptly silenced that agonized yell. Even if she survived this trek, she would never be safe if she ignored a hunter that could follow her out of here. And if they had been following her all this time, was it bettter to die now or later when she couldn't see it coming? Rhona stepped into the cave.

Ms. Jem
10-28-2008, 09:24 PM
Greetings Pthom,

Would you delete this thread for me? There are no takers and I'm going to see what I can do with it. :D