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Gary Clarke
10-13-2008, 04:43 PM
Hello fellows, I have no idea which forum might be most appropriate to this, so please feel free to move at will!

I just found out that few of you guys have made pre-orders with Amazon for my book The Poison Throne. I felt I should let you know that my publishers wonít be releasing The Poison Throne on Amazon for the moment. The reason for this is that negotiations are ongoing with English publishers and (hopefully) American publishers, so my Irish publisher canít sell the books to either of these Amazons. (the same book canít be published by two different publishers in the same country)

I apologise to any of you fellows who have already pre-ordered via Amazon ( Iíve responded in private to those of you I know, but I think there are otherís who I donít, hence the public announcement. The foreign language editions ( French, German, Russian) will of course be available via the appropriate amazon sites. Not sure about the Australian version as I know nothing about that market :0)

I understand if you prefer to simply not go ahead with your purchases until the book is available via amazon.uk and .com, but it is likely to be quite a wait. If you do fancy reading a copy in the meantime, you can buy direct from my publishers, http://www.obrien.ie/book793.cfm (http://www.obrien.ie/book793.cfm)
Or from any of these book distributors www.dubraybooks.ie (http://www.dubraybooks.ie/), www.hughesbooks.com (http://www.hughesbooks.com/), www.easons.com (http://www.easons.com)

On a lighter note, The Poison Throne has been chosen to feature in the Easons Diamond catalogue ( this is a catalogue of books which Easons are particularly recommending for the Christmas season in Ireland) and is the Hughes and Hughes book of the month for October ( which means prominent window displays in Hughes and Hughes book stores all over Ireland for the that month :0)

Soccer Mom
10-13-2008, 08:30 PM
I'm not sure where to put this either, if the truth be known. So I'll let it sit here for a bit so folks can see it and then move it to maybe announcements or something (but I'll leave a forwarding linky-thing.)

Gary Clarke
10-13-2008, 08:36 PM
Thanks, Soccer Mom! Forwarding-linky-things are always appreciated :0)