View Full Version : Online Parenting Support Groups?

10-12-2008, 01:56 AM
Hey, all! This is for anyone who has experience with online parenting support groups. A few questions (answer as many or few as you like):

1. What support group(s) do you belong to?
2. How do members join? Is it paid or free?
3. How did you find it?
4. Have they been helpful to you?
5. How do your experience compare to any "real life" support groups you've been a part of?
6. How formal is your group?
7. What is your format? Email, message board, or other?
8. What suggestions would you offer to parents looking for Web-based support groups?

Thanks in advance!

10-12-2008, 07:22 AM
I belong to a few, free ones. Yahoo.com has lots and lots of groups. They have a search by topic function. So you can search for "autistic homeschooling", "homeopathic childhood", "stay at home LDS mom" "stay at home dads in NY" or any number of topics.

I belong to one for my religion, one about SAHMs, one specific to my child's disability, and I also belong to a homeschooling forum/message board, heard about it through a blog. Also one for organic gardening in my particular region - so helpful!

In general, I prefer free ones, with active moderators, and fairly active board. It's not helpful if there are only 4 members and they post once a month; groups that are too busy can be hard, too (who wants 200 emails a day?)