View Full Version : Lutheran rabble-rousers of the Reformation--extent of the looting in Denmark?

Barb D
10-08-2008, 05:20 PM
I'm trying to find out the extent of the violence associated with looting/pillaging/sacking etc of convents or monasteries in Denmark in the 1520s-1530s. I know that Lutheranism was declared the state religion in 1536 and that the convents and monasteries were "re-allocated" (although in some cases the remaining nuns and monks were allowed to live out their years there.) I also know that a good bit of this kind of behavior went on in Germany, to Luther's chagrin. But would it be reasonable to suppose that a convent in Denmark could have been overrun by those pesky Lutherans, resulting in possible injuries and deaths?

Here is the closest thing I've found, but it doesn't specifically say WHAT happened. Was the "savage looting" restrained to savagely pulling crucifixes off walls, or could there have been human casualties?


"The (Roskilde) cathedral was the last bastion of Catholicism in Sjaelland, but in 1536 the Lutheran "superintendent" of Zealand moved to Copenhagen, although Roskilde was still officially the cathedral. The decline of Roskilde was precipitous, all the monasteries, church schools, chapter houses, were closed and the property snapped up by the crown or local noble families. The cathedral's gigantic crucifix and other Catholic symbols were taken down or destroyed. Because the church was a royal resting place, the cathedral was spared the savage looting of churches that accompanied the Reformation in other parts of the country."