View Full Version : how the Dixie cup was invented

10-07-2008, 08:21 PM
so we're running an article in the next ish of our magazine on foodservice packaging and it contains a story on how the Dixie cup was invented. Thought I'd share:

A Dr. Samuel Crumbine was riding on a train and saw one of his tuberculosis patients taking a sip of water from a common dipper and water bucket and behind him stood a young girl waiting for her turn to get water. Crombine was upset at the common use of utensils in public places, went home and rallied against it. Two entrepreneurs next invented a cone-shaped "Health Cup" and sold it for a penny to schools, hospitals, etc. Problem was that the name Health Cup wasn't very marketable. One of the men had a friend who was a toy maker and made dolls, on of which was named Dixie. The businessman liked the name and voila, there you go: Dixie Cup.

Anyone have a story on how something was invented/named?