View Full Version : Help fight against 'dog fighting rings' with your writing...

05-02-2005, 07:11 AM
There's a huge problem of dog fighting rings that needs to be fought and stopped.

I heard of a story about a dog named Gypsy that has been saved from a very cruel dog fighting ring in North Carolina, where she was being used as a 'bait dog'. She has been recovering in an animal rescue.

I wanted to post in hopes that since we're all animal lovers and writers, maybe we can help fight this problem by spreading the word through our writing, help in Gypsy's recovery, or even help authorities catch the cruel beings that allowed this to happen.

I'm going to give a link where you will be able to read Gypsy's story and view pictures of her. But, WARNING! These pictures are very upsetting and graphic.

Here is the link to the animal rescue that is caring for her:

Again...If you are unprepared to view what horrible abuse is inflicted on these dogs in these dog fighting rings, I advise you not to follow the link. But if you choose to read about her, be warned. The pictures are very graphic.

So, come on writers! Lets help fight this by writing and spreading the word. Every little bit helps. If we can make more people aware of this growing problem, maybe we can save dogs like Gypsy from having to live through such cruelty.