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09-26-2008, 07:40 AM
I'm starting a new story. It's a romance aimed at Silhouette Special Edition. I have a basic premise set up, but I'm not sure how it's going to play out.

I'll try to keep this brief. :)

The basic plot is the hero was once a successful, best-selling author, but after the first few books they weren't selling as well. He meets the heroine. She's not a writer but he finds many of suggestions useful in his books. They start writing together. It works. His books are again a hit, but now her name is on the books as well. During this time they start dating. The hero isn't really happy that his books are popular again because of her. He likes being a one man show. The heroine gets pregnant. He asks her to marry him. She eventually agrees. He does love her and she loves him, but he's not the only one unhappy. She wants to find her own way in her life, and she feels as if the success she's achieving is only because of him.

She loses the baby, and of course is even more unhappy. She calls off the wedding, despite the hero insisting he still wants to get married. Then she leaves. They were in the process of writing another book together, but she tells him to finish it without her. She no longer cares. He finishes the book, neither the agent nor the editor wants it without the heroine's influence.

So, my question is how much time would these two be given to finish this book? A few weeks? A few months? Would the agent want to look at it before he sends it to the editor? Although I'm thinking at this point in the hero's writing career the unfinished book would be under some kind of contract, so wouldn't the heroine be legally obligated to help him finish it even if she didn't want to?

Being forced to write this book together is naturally how I plan to get them back together.

Sorry. Not so brief. :Shrug:

I'm willing to tweak the plot to make the pieces fit together, but I'd thought I'd ask for clarification now while I'm still in the plotting phase.