View Full Version : Any plots going spare?!

09-12-2008, 05:00 PM
Have you ever had a half decent idea for a plot that you've eventually decided to let go of for whatever reason, and are prepared to share now? I'll start the ball rolling. The Soanes Museum in London (link: www.soanes.org) is fairly unique. Basically it's a house and the guy that owned it in the 18th century left both it and its contents to the nation, and it's been preserved in that state ever since. I believe entrance is free (though you're encouraged to leave a donation). Anyhow, he'd spent his life collecting what he considered to be interesting objects, such as Egyptian antiquities, valuable paintings and a ton of other stuff. I visited this place a few years ago - pre DaVinci Code - and noticed a model of Stonehenge in a glass case, and it dated from this period. The only thing was, it didn't look anything like the world famous monument does now. I did a bit of digging around and found rumours that the stones had been shifted into their present shape early in the 20th century, before the days of tourists with cameras. So, the premise of the plot is that Stonehenge is a forgery. I thought about it and messed around a bit, but decided that A) It's not my genre, B) It owuld involve too much research and C) I didn't have enough for a story. If anyone else wants to pick it up, be my guest. Anyone got anything else?