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09-08-2008, 10:56 PM
Has anyone stood in front of a small gathering and gave a brief speech about writing? Any suggestions on the layout of said speech? I am addressing a gymnasium full of grade 7s and 8s. So it should be something at their level and amusing...

09-09-2008, 12:52 AM
I was my oldest son's "show and tell" project last year. Talked about writing.

I kept it very simple. Told them that I do the same kind of thing they do when they are writing a story, who is the main character, what do they want, all that kinda stuff, but simplified (this was 2nd Graders, so you would probably wanna up the complexity a little... or not :D ). Talked about teh numerous notebooks I keep and failing that, my iPhone for making notes of ideas on the fly.

I talked about where I get ideas, (everywhere including songs, newspapers, the whole nine-yards). Since I was talking about comic-book writing specifically (though I did talk about my novel) I talked about working with the other creative people involved and that kinda thing.

Then I threw it open to questions and just ran with it. That kinda thing with kids, I'd keep it short and do a Q and A. Less pressure to present and you are likely to deal with stuff that they are more interested in, 'cos they asked.

Plus keeps it a little exciting if you don't know what they are gonna ask. If you want a little security, I'd send a message to the school and ask the kids to fill out questions on an index card a head of time, that way you can avoid the bad ones.

Hope this helps. Good luck. They will love you 'cos you are famous.