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04-25-2005, 11:21 PM
Dear Fellow Writers:

Some of you my know me from my other posts but if you don't hello my name is Michelle Obie and my nickname is Chelle. I've decided to write a essay or article about my life if you read my other post about me. I'm trying to get into the writing feild because I'm trying to speakout about kids with learning disability as you know from my others post I have a learning disability and I have a true life story about my life growing up with LD, I have wrote a essay on my life but I don't know where to begin to start trying to publish it. Because I'm what you call a transection writer, a writer who writes poetry, fiction, fanstay, essays, and articles can someone help me find a nonfiction publisher for my essay and how do you learn the right way to write a nonfiction book? I've tried to write some about my life but they keep coming out as essays, articles, and poetry?
What can I do to strive to write the book I'm trying to write

04-27-2005, 11:02 AM
The first thing I would do if you want to write a book about your learning disability, is sit down with a big notebook (or a similar blank space on the computer if you work better there) and brainstorm what you would like to say. Don't worry about spelling, or punctuation, or the order of what you've written; don't even worry whether you will actually end up using what you've written, the idea is to get all your thoughts down where you can read them.

The next step is to organize what you've written, so take a fresh page in your notebook, or on your computer, and put everything that you've written into categories, with information about the same subject all together. Then you can put the categories into a logical order so the ideas flow smoothly.

Once all of that is done, the next step is to read through what you have and decide if you need to get more information to include in your book. If you do decide that more information is necessary, then researching is your next step. Researching is a huge subject; one that depends on what you are looking for, so feel free to ask again, or PM me, when you get to that stage.

Hope that helps to get you started,
Good luck,
Take good care,