View Full Version : Any independent flower shop owners in the house?

C.J. Rockwell
08-27-2008, 01:56 AM
In one of the novels I'm working on, my MC is the owner and operator of a small independent flower shop where she also gives flower arranging classes (At the insistence of her fully Grown little sister).

I need to know the daily happenings. How flowers get ordered, what kinds of flowers are ordered at what times of the year.

Also, what would be some good books on flower arranging and flowers and plants in general?

I've also named the flower shop where my MC works Cactus with Cattails, after a signature arrangement of the shop. A little barrel cactus in a decorated pot with cattails on either side with a lace ribbon accenting the pot. Is this plausible?

How special orders can be placed? What special equipment will you need?

Thanks in advance for any info/insight you can give.

If you're an independent flower shop owner or at least knowledgeable about flowers, and wiling to let me intervew you either via PM here or e-mail, please PM me and let me know.