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08-19-2008, 08:38 PM
The Friendship Factor: Creating Connections to Nourish Your Life

Book Questionnaire

I’m looking for women ages 18 and up to be part of a new book, which is currently being shopped around to agents and publishers. The tentative title of the book is The Friendship Factor: Creating Connections to Nourish Your Life.

Please respond to the questions below in at least 4-6 sentences each. If your answers are used you will be notified and will need to sign a release form. If your contact information changes after you submit this, please notify me! Last names and addresses will not be published.

Remember there are no right answers—every woman is different and I want to explore the myriad of relationships that can exist between women, and their insights about them. Feel free to cite examples from different friends for each question. Return this form electronically to kristenlfischer@gmail.com (kristenlfischer@gmail.com). For more information on me, visit www.kristenfischer.com (http://www.kristenfischer.com/).

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Do you have children? Add their ages if so:
Did you attend college? School and graduation date:

Tell me about your closest friend. How long have you been acquainted? What do you feel has made your bond so special? Do you think you’ll always be as close? Why or why not?
Tell me about a friend you have lost touch with? Why do you think this happened? Do you have plans to touch base with this friend ever again? Why or why not?
Tell me about a friend that you ended the relationship with. Why did you end the relationship? Do you regret your decision?
Do you think there are different types of friends that women can have? What are they? What roles do they serve in our lives?
Do you think it’s vital for women to continue making friends as an adult? Do you do that enough in your own life? Do you have plans to do more friend-hunting? How do you plan to do that?
Is communication always necessary when friendships fade? Give me an example of a friend that faded from your life? Was it necessary to state what was happening or discuss the relationship, or not? Why or why not?
Have you had friendships change during life’s phases (getting married, having kids, going through an illness, getting divorced, etc.)? Tell me how the friendship changed and how you responded.
How did you maintain friendships when you or a pal were going through a phase or life change?
What techniques have you used to meet new friends? Give me some details about how the avenue worked and what you gained. Are there any tips you have for meeting friends? What should women avoid when trying to meet new friends?
Do you have people you would call “friends” online? How did you meet? Do you treat these friends differently than the people you see on a daily basis? Do you consider them on a different level? If so, explain. Have you tried to meet in person? How did that outcome turn out, if so? How do you regularly communicate? Do you feel more apt to share more with someone you don’t know in person?
Are some friendships better off online? Why or why not?
What should a woman’s expectations be when venturing out to meet new friends?
Tell me about an old friend you would like to touch base with once again? Do you plan to revive the friendship? What do you think it will be like? Do you think you’ll have to change the level of friendship? What sort of communication will be involved?
How can women decide if they should try to revive an old friendship? How can they initiate contact with an old friend?
Are you more apt to communicate better/set boundaries with friends now that you’re older?
Have you ever had a friend turn into a true enemy? Share your story.
Do you have a best friend—someone who you know will be in your life forever? What do you do to foster that friendship? What’s your attitude about growing throughout your entire life with that person?
How has your perception of friendships changed now that you’re older and wiser?
Do you have more friends that come and go, or do you have more friends that stick around longer term?
What do you do to be a better friend? What can others do to be better friends?
Who modeled the concept of female friendships to you in your life? Tell us about him or her.DON'T POST ANSWERS IN THIS THREAD--PLEASE REPLY VIA EMAIL ONLY!