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08-18-2008, 10:39 AM
Im looking for self-improvement experts to interview for telephone seminars to add value to members of my Why Diets Don't Work Club (http://whydietsdontworkclubmembers.com/). Suggested topics include:

Stress Management
Behavioural Change
Coping with adversity
I am only interested in interviewing genuine experts who are clear and confident English speakers. You can be anywhere in the world so long as you have access to a telephone line. It helps if you have an existing mailing list, high traffic website or blog to help promote the call.

You need to be a confident speaker and an expert on your topic who is comfortable being interviewed by me for a tele-class of around 60 minutes duration.

We would create the questions in advance, however if time permits then you would also field new questions during the call, so you need to be comfortable speaking off the cuff.

How it works:
You dial into a U.S. telephone number that I give you in advance. This is your only cost. I would host the call and pay for the hosting of a landing page on the internet where people can sign up for the event, the telephone conference line and simultaneous webcast.

I will ask you questions and interview you over the telephone. There is no payment for this call but you get a product you can sell or give away.

At the end of the call we will have created a 60-70 minute audio recording that can be sold or gifted. We would both own the rights to the recording. You will get an mp3 version of the audio and a high quality .WAV version of the audio file to sell online or burn copies to CD.

What are the benefits?

Build your profile
Create new products (audio books, ebooks and CDs)

More about me:
You can learn more about me at my personal website (http://taliamana.com/), visit my emotional well-being blog (http://www.emotionalwellbeingblog.com/) or check out my Why Diets Dont Work Club (http://whydietsdontworkclubmembers.com/) (which helps people create a healthy relationship with their body and with food).

If youd like to listen to an audio sample of me conducting a tele-class you can sign up for the Why Diets Dont Work Club introductory audio call (http://whydietsdontworkclub.com/).

Email me via the contact form (http://taliamana.com/contact/) if youd like more information.