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04-19-2005, 08:32 PM
First, a quick note to the owner and moderators.

I was not certain where to post this because of the elements it includes such as being a prompt, exercise, project and request for help. Please move this post for me if it should be located in a more appropriate section.

Thanks in Advance.

"And now for something we hope you'll really like...."

lol, I used to watch The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show when I was little. I remember when Bullwinkle used to always say, "Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat." and Rocky would answer, "Again?" ... poor ol' Bullwinkle never did have much luck with it but the important thing is, he kept on tryin'.

Today, I am reaching down once more into my hat of ambition, hopes and dreams. I don't know what I will pull out of that hat, if anything at all, but I can say this. If I should be fortunate enough to find a rabbit there, I will embrace its wonder and then set it free.

Now on to the point of my post,

I want to create a new kind of dictionary. The idea hit me yesterday after reading the definition of Harm written by KTC in the following thread.


I enjoy reading dictionaries and there is no doubt about their usefulness. They certainly appeal to the logic of the mind however, this does not address the need for greater understanding. Logic alone could never do that.

The world needs new perspectives and what better way to help accomplish that than through creative re-defining of the very words we use to describe it.

Will you help me with this project, this vision I have of renewed understanding?

This is what I hope to do and what I can offer:

I plan to make this new dictionary publicly available worldwide through publication on the internet. The website I am in the process of developing is already prepared for a project such as this.

Originally, I planned to use a section of the site as a reference base for my research into subconscious symbolism... but I can easily move that to an alternate location.

This section of the site is already set up so that words can be referenced to each other. This means that similar words, ideas and concepts can be connected to one another and the issue of language variation has already been addressed as well.

Illustrations can be added and...well, here take a look starting with the word Harm : http://www.currentday.com/symbols.php?letter=H This will give you an idea of the appearance and flow of content. For an example of what it would look like with the addition of an illustration, check out the word Love.

As of now, this section is listed as the symbols section but that could easily be changed to Dictionary or Lexicon or whatever.

What I can offer, as should be evident in the link above is a byline. I can not afford to pay anyone for this project but I will not charge anyone for access to it either.

So, what do you think? Are you interested?..if so please let me know by posting it in this thread.

In the event enough people show interest, I will establish a means by which the words, creative definitions and/or illustrations as well as author's information can be gathered and published.