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07-17-2008, 09:32 PM
Hi. My blog is called WRITE NOW-BECAUSE IT'S LATER THAN YOU THINK. My father gave me letters he wrote during WWII a few years ago. And I slowly came to realize that we all have a story to tell-but often don't take the time to tell it. Our personal history doesn't have to be dramatic or tragic. Even the ordinary can be captivating. So I started my blog. I am constantly trying to think of new ways to encourage people to tell their stories. That coupled with my own blog-hopping gave me an idea.

Photos really enhance a blog post. When it comes to blogging, we become little kids again, we want to see the picture too. Also, sometimes you just want to read a little bit, not a book. So here's my idea; every Friday I will post a photo and no more than 100 words about that photo; it might be a description, a memory, or a thought. Photos can be anything at all; pics of me as a child, a beloved place from the past, or something from the present. Here's where the fun starts. Anyone who wants to join, can do the same on their blog. Then, come to my blog and leave me a comment saying so. I'll edit my post throughout the day with a link to each participants blog.

My hope is that my blog will be the hub for finding quick, fun posts every Friday. And of course, my real motive is that you will have written a 100 word essay about something meaningful to you, thus accomplishing my goal of encouraging people to write the story of their life.

But remember these simple rules;
1. Post a photo.
2. Write 100 words or less about the photo.

I'll post my first, "Photo and a Few" tomorrow morning. Hope to see you then. ~Karen