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07-16-2008, 02:59 AM
I recently got a very postivie rejection letter for my short story Whispers in the dark. It said:

We enjoyed reading "Whispers in the Dark." It was sweet and cleverly done. We liked seeing the mythic Pantheon from a different perspective. Unfortunately, we must decline it for QuantumKiss.

In truth, it possessed most (if not all) of the elements that we look for in a Romance, including the hero and heroine kept apart, true love, and the 'happily ever after.' One thing that we would've liked to have seen more of, was the hero and heroine battling for their love, whether by changing their assessments of each other or themselves; or facing down the conflicts, and consequences, for each other. As it came across to us, Aries had the most direct impact on the lovers being together, as opposed to them finding their own way to their 'happily ever after.' In the genre of Romance the growing relationship, and the struggle therein, is fundamental.

I'm considering maybe rewriting parts of it then sending it back to them but I'm clueless as what to change. If I remove or change the Ares scene I feel like the whole thing will fall apart. The Ares scene is important for several reasons: it sets up a future plot involving Ares and marks a change in Aphrodite. I have no idea how to remove it or change it without damaging the story. What I need is someone with a fresh set of eyes to look at the whole thing and give me some advice.

07-16-2008, 05:13 AM
Sorry, misread your post the first time.