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07-15-2008, 10:18 PM
Hi everyone. I downloaded and installed Celtx 1.0 a couple of weeks ago after finding the link to the Celtx site on Dpatterson's stickied Screenwriting Tips, Software thread.

First of all, it's an absolutely brilliant program. Even though I didn't mind using MS Word and formatting my scripts using my trusty The Screenwriter's Bible, I do love this program! That it's free with free bug fixes and updates just makes it the best software I've ever had. And I still haven't learned all the great tools it comes with yet.

However, I haven't logged into their site while I have the program running and I'm wondering about uploading scripts to their servers. None of the WIP's I have going at the moment are in good enough shape yet to register with the WGA. I'm wondering if anyone has uploaded their scripts to Celtx, either for a backup or to share with a writing partner?

How secure is it? Have you had any problems? Should I wait until I have a draft registered with WGA before I upload to Celtx?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you could give me.


07-16-2008, 07:44 AM
I've used Celtx a bit, and unfortunately there are some bugs in the latest version, which have caused me (and others who reported on their forum) to lose some work, such as whatever latest changes were done that day. It doesn't happen often, but I caution you to save backups. They're aware of this problem and I'm sure it will be taken care of in their next patch. Otherwise, it is a brilliant program. With a few tweaks it will alleviate any need to purchase the major commercial screenwriting software.

I can't comment on their site security. I'm wondering what would be the reason to upload a script there. Don't you have hard drive space? On the other hand, I'm not sure what motivation someone would have to steal scripts from their server. Anyone with the wherewithal to hack their servers is a programmer, not a writer.

07-17-2008, 04:31 PM
Thanks Billingsgate.

I don't necessarily want to upload my work to their site. I do have HD space and usually print out every other draft (to save paper), as well as saving stories and screenplays on my HD and on disk.

But I had read on their site something about being able to upload to their site for easier sharing with writing partners or to store a copy. I don't have a writing partner at the moment. Not sure if I'll ever look for one or not, although, I've considered it sometimes.

As far as storing a copy, despite all the copies I save in different media--paper, HD, disks--it only takes one disaster to lose it all. *knocks on wood that it never happens*

Thanks again.