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04-17-2005, 10:15 PM
I am ready to write my query/proposal on my book.

Quick details of the book.

It is about 200 pages (not done yet). About 100 of those pages are photographs (B&W). Each chapter is a different person. It includes an opening page, a picture page, a story page, and another picture page (4 pages per person). My husband is writing the chapters. I am editing his work. I am also taking pictures and in charge of waivers (for those we cannot take pictures of ourselves since some of the people are in other countries).

I have WHO I want to send it to, but I do not know HOW to go about it. Should ‘I’ send it? Do I mention my husband is writing? Should ‘he’ send it? I couldn't find information on this type of book so I am having trouble with a query.

Please advise and I thank you in advance.

Tara Edwards

04-18-2005, 04:29 AM
I'm a little confused as to what the book is about; perhaps a few specifics would help us to provide whatever advice we can.

Looking forward to hearing more,

04-18-2005, 05:50 AM
The book is about a female issue that left untreated can ultimately cause death. The fact is its VERY common and often undiagnosed.

The book is a collection of chapters. Each chapter is a new woman. Their ages range, as does their ethnicities, locations, occupations, and stories dealing with this epidemic. Example chapter would be Page 1 – mini bio on each woman and facing page 2 is a photo of them by themselves. Page 3 is each woman’s story about it. Page 4 is candid pictures kind of like a day in the life of feel.

There will be about 50 women included in this book.

My husband writes their stories. I do the interviews and edit his work. I am in charge of photography as well.

This is why I am perplexed as how to approach an inquiry for this book.

Ultimately, I would like to see it hardcover and at least 70# glossy pages. All photos are black & white.

I would like to donate most of my proceeds to help research the epidemic the book is about.

Is that what info you need?

Lauri B
04-20-2005, 04:17 PM
Hi Bay Girl,
So from the information you've provided, it sounds like you and your husband are pitching a nonfiction book that's heavier on photography than text (?--did i get that right?). If your husband is going to be the sole author, then he should pitch it. If you're going to get co-author credit, you can pitch it for both of you. Don't pitch it for him--that just looks like he can't be bothered or isn't capable of doing it himself. Every publisher has different guidelines and it sounds as if you know where you'll be submitting. Make sure you check each publisher's guidelines carefully and submit according to its requirements. You'll likely need a proposal, sample chapter(s), author information, list of competing works and why yours is different, and some suggestions for how to market your book and why your book deserves a place in the market.

Good luck! Please let me know if I haven't answered your questions adequately. Feel free to pm me with any others.