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04-15-2005, 11:59 PM
Woof, today was a rejection day! A form letter rejection from Cicada, and a rather encouraging rejection on my partial from an agent:

Thank you for allowing us ample time to review the first few chapters of ((title)). I can see the amount of effort and care youíve taken to craft this manuscript. This was a difficult decision for us because thereís much to admire in your work. I assure you, we donít say that to everyone. Ultimately, however, Iím afraid we couldnít muster the appropriate enthusiasm to take your work on at this time. Iím sorry I donít bring better news. This is a highly subjective business and I sincerely encourage you to continue your quest to find an agent that will champion your work to a commercial publisher.

((sigh)) And yesterday, a different short story was rejected from Strange Horizons.

Does tax time and rejection go hand-in-hand? Sheesh!

Ah well. Off to find more markets for the short stories. And the chocolate, of course. ;)

04-16-2005, 12:32 AM
It's rough getting more than one rejection at the same time, but hey, you posted about a positive interaction in another thread so it's not all bad.

As they say, all it takes is one yes.

(I see you've already passed yourself the chocolate...)

04-16-2005, 01:17 AM
Heh. I ALWAYS pass myself the chocolate. ;)

And I'm not bummed enough to, say, throw myself out a window or (shudder) watch two hours of educational programming. Still, two in one day? Yoikes. It was totally :box:

Ah well. As the clerk behind the counter says, NEXT!


William Haskins
04-16-2005, 01:53 AM
their loss, dragon. get back on that horse and make them sorry they passed on it.

04-16-2005, 02:21 AM
I know you are likely going to think this is weird but I have to tell you anyway.

I was sitting here staring at this thread wondering what I could possibly say to help restore some of your lost encouragement when all of a sudden...a Humming bird showed up at my window!!

You are likely wondering what the heck that has to do with anything but it is a good sign. It would take me too long to explain what I mean or how I determined it to be a good sign but Nature speaks and that little Humming bird came by to bring a message of Hope.

It is like William Haskins said....Their Loss, just wait and see.


04-16-2005, 02:37 AM
i've complained before about getting too many rejections at the same time. many people usually say -- at least you heard at all and perhaps in a timely manner. But it does bring you down when you get a bunch at the same time -- I so totally agree.

But yeah, send it somewhere else. Just keep going, you'll make it!

04-16-2005, 03:39 AM
Och, I wouldn't worry. I have one editor who has an early 'spring clean' just before Christmas and digs out all the ones she's had under her bed for the last three months. I once got 28 rejections landing on my doormat one morning, along my Christmas cards!

Chuck 'em out to the next one on your list and forget about it. Somebody somewhere will love you!

04-16-2005, 04:13 AM
Thanks, folks. You guys are awesome.

William, I'm already planning on sending a signed copy to the agent. :hat:

Gehanna, I have no idea what that means in the scheme of things, but it sounds pretty cool. I'll take your word that it's a message of Hope. Thanks! :heart:

zeprosnepsid, thanks for your encouragement! :kiss:

arrowqueen--28 in one day? Dang. That's it. I'm never complaining about getting more than one rejection in any given day again. Ever. :Ssh: