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07-01-2008, 07:51 AM
This thread references two earlier threads -



I have been utilising a web or online calendar (Google Calendar GCal) more frequently, and have found it generally suitable for planning my weekly and monthly events and tasks (both work and personal).

The comments in the second thread mentioned above indicate the specific issue/s with G Cal, which I consider overall quite good, though lacking in some areas.

Anyone else here utilise a web/online calendar to assist them organise their working and personal lives? (Or are your lives so organised that you don't need such a thing, web-based or paper?)


07-01-2008, 04:54 PM
I use the web calendar for both weekly and monthly targets/goals.

But, I am finding that unless I am up & working at 7AM, and working through to 7PM, then I do not complete the numerous tasks I have assigned for myself.

Distractions and thinking about and working on other tasks in-between those listed for the day keep getting in the way. The result is that I can 'safely' complete three tasks in a day.

I think that this is a good number. If you've finished the three, you can always go to your task list and do another/ others. This 3 task minimum seems to work best/most effective for me. I seem to be perpetually dealing with a characterological/personality issue if I go beyond 3 tasks on the page. Almost like fighting myself.

A little bit removed from the OP - but still...