View Full Version : Wanted: Beta for FREAKS OF NATURE

Josh Howatt
06-30-2008, 07:57 PM
Hey everyone,
I'm working on my first draft, first novel. I desperately need reader's (potentially a mentor's) input on how things are going thus far. I would only ask a quick read of maybe the first three chapters. Here's a quick synopsis:

When Ethan Elliot, the prodigal son with a poet’s heart, crosses paths with the eccentric Jules, their trajectories align, hurtling them far from the boroughs of New York City, on a life-changing, cross-country, roller-coaster ride into the bowels of Middle America.

After a hap chance meeting on a subway in Manhattan, Ethan and Jules are forever bound by a single self-portrait. However, it’s only after we are introduced to the worldly, mystery drifter, Wolfgang, that their true colors begin to show. The three “lost souls” take off in a Chevy Chevelle bound for Boonville, Missouri expecting to find themselves, the world they once knew, and their shared divination. What they don’t expect is to be taken hostage by someone from their past that they have never met.

Freaks of Nature is a coming of age story about forgiveness, providence, and our redemption as a human race. It takes the reader through Ethan’s slapdash, and often times frightening, view of today’s America, demanding us to face our gluttonous zeitgeist and nudging us back towards our intended humanity. But more than simply a story about a character’s growth into fruition; at approximately 90,000 words, it’s a commentary on the anomaly, or “freaks”, we’ve become as a society.

I look forward to hearing from you.