View Full Version : Need beta for YA Fantasy 89K

06-16-2008, 08:13 PM
Hi everyone!

I haven't been to AW in ages and ages, as I was finishing up my fourth *ee* book, but...here I am. Again. I need a beta reader for my 89k fantasy novel, "The Katsina". It has to do with a time-travelling Katsina (kachina) doll, the End Times myths of the Hopi, parallel ancient worlds and seven rainbow stones hidden through different (ancient) cultures by Kokopelli.

I would, in turn be happy to read your entire YA (I'm an editor and writer in the day job, so can be exacting). I've just started querying and although I've had a couple beta readers look at it, I'd like to get a couple more.

Are you interested? Please do let me know! Thank you!