View Full Version : Looking for a Psychologist/Psychiatrist/Counsellor/Philosopher

04-11-2005, 09:09 PM
Not exactly a request for information, well, sort of...

I'm looking for anyone with accademic and working experience in any of the above disciplines who would be willing to review a 29 page (double spaced) manuscript. (approx 6000 words in total). By review I mean (if it warrants it) to write a one or two sentence 'blurb' like endorsement/comment. I'd be equally happy to know if it DIDN'T warrant it. Being set straight on that would be a big favour too.

It is a collection of thoughts that I wrote while (and beyond) recovering from work-related-stress induced breakdown.

I'd like to show to other reviewers/agent/publisher/public that the collection has some value from a self-help perspective. It certainly cured me, but I'd also like to make sure that it is indeed safe for others too! The collection is also perhaps philosophical, and has a strong message of/for peace. Overall, its category would be 'inspirational'.

I already have one review from the 'peace' camp which I will share privately with any who might want to see that before commiting to look at the manuscript.

Oh yes, anyone willing to let me send the manuscript to them... if you read the first two pages and can't bring yourself to read on - that is job done!

Of course, if it ever gets published, there'll be a signed copy in it, a mention on the further acknowledgements page, and (when the web-site happens) further grateful mention there too. All these things only of any value if you (both privately and professionally) like the book of course. Ah-hah... rep points just for offering to look at it! Can't say fairer than that, can I?

Seriously, is anyone interested? It's just 6,000ish words, that's less than three Idol entries you know!