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06-02-2008, 05:29 PM
It's my first post on AWWC, (I've lurked without signing up, bad me) but this is the first place I thought of in my time of need... *grin*

I have a novella (30K), a sf menage romance that I'd really like someone to look at and tell me what I'm missing. I'm getting rejections -on this story and others - with the comments that I'm missing something. What's missing often changes, lol

There's swearing, violence and sex in this one (though no m/m sex). So if any of that's not your cup of tea, look away now :) Here's the blurb:

To save her city, save her people, Alena Petrova Dubov, Imperial Princess of the Rodin must submit to the coronation ritual. All right, she has to admit, it isn’t exactly a tortured rite. After all, what other ruler ascends the throne by enjoying two men bred for her personal pleasure?

I'm aware that some find my worldbuilding complicated/confusing and that's an on going battle for me. And sometimes pace is an issue.

I often have trouble seeing the cracks in my stories; not realising that what's in my head and what I think appears on the page isn't actually the same thing.

Hope that's enough information. :)


Just to say, I sold Unity *grin*...which is nice, hehe

06-12-2008, 03:24 PM
I've sold UNITY and I wanted to say thanks for the offer I had for a beta on this story. :D