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05-27-2008, 10:12 PM
I was watching a bit of News of all things today and happened upon a 'filler': A successful entrepreneur surveys his city from his Lear Jet offering, "I feel like the King of this place".

Pretty picture. Got me thinking, what does My Kingdom look like? Is it peaceful and prosperous? Stable? No kingdom endures forever, as I recall, there's always a threat in the wings, isn't there? What would that threat be in My Kingdom -- would it spring from outside our borders? Or from within? Do we really feel secure? Then why did we raise the fortress?

This may prove a tad complex for a game, but here goes...

1. Location and size: where in the world are we? And how many of us?

2. What is the name of this land and its people?

3. History, Age: How old is my Kingdom? How has it evolved to its present state?

4. Who am I -- born of these lands? Bred and groomed to be king? Or did I make war and conquer?

5. Society, gender and politics -- As the Queen, I stand at the top, overseeing my subjects. Do I favor Men or Women -- or are they equal in my eyes? Do I discriminate by intelligence, genre, wealth, physical prowess...?

6. Religion: Do we worship one or more deities? Why -- or why not?

7. Threats: What / Who do we fear and why?

8. Ideals: What are we aiming to achieve? What is holding us back from achieving it?

9. The X-Factor. Perceived reality notwithstanding, small and great civilizations have perished with hardly a trace, throughout history... what or who is about to destroy our world? Is it a red herring... or some entirely unsuspected villain?

...I am busy building My Kingdom for the time being... never done this before, so i may need a little while. More experienced architects may build at leisure.

05-27-2008, 10:18 PM
"King Lear Jet!" snickers

Seriously, this is a great tickler list--thanks for crafting it!