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05-23-2008, 06:48 PM
Hello everyone. As you will soon notice I am not only new to this site but to writing and have been floored by the overwhelming task of try to get a book published. Having said that you will understand that I am writing this thread in the hopes of getting any and all advice in how to get my book published.

As I am not concerned with anyone stealing my ideas I will lay it out as best as I can for you here and maybe someone out there can give me a push in the right direction. My quick bio is this; I was a young softball pitching star that suffered devastating injuries due to being taught incorrectly how to pitch fastpitch softball. I began teaching young ladies how to pitch correctly and safely 12 years ago. To date I have not had a single one of my pitchers suffer a pitching related injury. I had my 4th knee surgery Dec '06 and had to shut down my pitching clinic for 4 months (first time in 10 years) and went searching for a decent beginners pitching book that I could refer to any new pitchers while I was laid up. I was unable to find one and decided to write one myself.

That being said I now have a book completed (So...Your daughter wants to be a pitcher. A parents guide to pitching fastpitch softball) that is geared to developing a solid pitching foundation. All the books out there right now, at best, skim over the basics and go straight to upper level mechanics that are dangerous for the young developing pitcher. The book has been proof read by one of my pitchers mothers as well as a mother of two with no softball experience (to make sure that the book did not skip over what is common knowledge to me). Both were very positive in their responses and my pitchers mom has commented that she learns something new each time she reads it and wants to know when it will be printed so she can have a copy instead of loose pages. My problem is that I do not know what to do now in order to get it printed and am even more clueless as to marketing plans.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

05-23-2008, 07:03 PM
I think the first thing I would do is make a trip to the largest bookstore around and the local library. Look at similar books, that is, sport related instructional books for a young audience. Note the name of all the publishers. Then check each of those publishers in Writers Market (your library should have a copy, or you might want to buy one). Publishers of this type of thing may very well take submittals without an agent. However, you might also want to try to put together a list of agents who have handled similar books.

Next, polish that manuscript until it shines, learn to write a good query letter, then when you think you've done the best you possibly can, send it out.

Are you going to have photographs or diagrams in the book?

05-23-2008, 10:42 PM
Thanks for your response! I did check some (about 10) books for publishers and did send to one of them but that was before I researched about query letters. I have not been able to figure out how to find agents for this type of book. Once I think I figured it out and then go to their website it seems they do not do anything with instructional books only books about sports teams or athletes. It is quite discouraging so far. I will definitely go the publishers route one more time and check out the Writers Market. I did get an answer from Publish America and got excited for about 10 minutes, then I researched them a little and am too afraid to even reply to them after what I have read. I have since learned to research first. I have a couple query letters now of differing depth depending on what the particular publisher is asking for and one for agents. I am still tweaking it as I learn more.

Yes, there are some photos and diagrams in the book where physical descriptions did not seem to cover it well enough. probably a dozen all together. Do you think this will be a problem?

Again, thank you for you input.

05-24-2008, 01:17 AM
I think you're wise to stay away from PublishAmerica. If you do decide to go the self-publishing route, there are better options than that. In this particular case, self-publishing could very well be a reasonable choice (I don't think that's usually a good option for fiction writers, but this is kind of a special case considering your target audience and subject matter).

One thing you could do to possibly find an agent is, after identifying a few books similar to yours, contact the writers of those books and ask who their agent was. You might want to also take a look at the latest copy of The Guide to Literary Agents.

05-25-2008, 01:31 AM
"One thing you could do to possibly find an agent is, after identifying a few books similar to yours, contact the writers of those books and ask who their agent was. You might want to also take a look at the latest copy of The Guide to Literary Agents."

Both good ideas that I will look into this weekend. I have also thought about self-publishing for the same reasons that you have mentioned. I am not sure about how to handle the marketing outside my own website. I will have to do some more research in that area as well. Who knew this would require so much work (hehe). Thank you again for your suggestions. At least I feel like I am heading in the right direction and not floundering quite so badly.