View Full Version : Looking for Crit Partners

05-19-2008, 12:10 PM
I'm looking for some crit partners. My info below:

What I Write: SF thriller with romantic elements, historical fantasy, paranormal romance. (I also wrote contemporary romance, although I'm not concentrating on that anymore.) You can go to http://www.angelletrieste.com/bookshelf/ to view my projects if you want. :)

POV I Write In: mostly 3rd, but sometimes 1st.

How Long I've Been Writing: This is my 4th year writing seriously.

Writers I Enjoy Reading: Jacqueline Carey, Jim Butcher, J. R. Ward, Robert Crais, Eoin Colfer, Rick Riordan, Linda Howard, Lisa Gardner, J. A. Konrath, Naomi Novik, Barry Eisler and so on.

Genres I'm Willing to Crit: Any subgenre of romance except inspirational. I don't read it, so I don't think I'll be a good fit. Also fantasy, futuristic / SF or YA. 1st & 3rd POV okay.

I'm looking for experienced writers and CPs who read what I write (I already have CPs who don't read my genre). I'm not looking for an accountability partner or anything like that, although I'll be happy to do that with you if you wish. If you're interested, reply here or PM me. I'll be happy to exchange a couple of chapters from my latest WIP with you so that we can get a feel for each other's style and so on.

Thanks! :)