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05-14-2008, 09:12 PM
We are in the last week of school here. The seniors said farewell yesterday. Now only freshmen, sophs and juniors are in the building. Things are winding down, finals are pretty much over. The underclassmen and teachers are making peace. The shop classes are having a cookout on the patio under my classroom window. I am taking my afternoon classes out to fly kites. We made them ourselves from Spanish instructions. So far two have actually flown.

Anyway I am thinking about the seniors--not that I miss them, mind you, just laughing about their nutty pranks these last few weeks, and how anxious they were to leave. We call it senioritis. I can't help but think of my own final weeks of high school, how glad I was to walk out and make my mark on the real world. I was a genius, you know. I had forgotten all about it until I found some old letters from my senior spring--along with some gawdawful poetry.

Just wondering if anyone else has memories of their final daze. I'd like to hear them. Especially the goofy pranks--s6

05-14-2008, 11:15 PM
Ah... Senior Year. What a blur. My high school years were one big prank.

During graduation practice, I saw our Valedictorian for the first time. Yes, I just admitted I wasn't in ANY honors classes.
I got a buzz cut because I was in love with Jim McMahon. My mom grounded me until it grew out (I wasnt really grounded because I had an attitude problem).
Our Senior Ditch Day was the day after the '86 Super Bowl.
When my hem would come out of my McAuley skirt, I would use my religion teacher's stapler.

LOL! Good times! Theres more, but I cant leave incriminating evidence on the web. When I got out, I headed to Virginia and worked at Busch Gardens that summer. I miss those easy going days.

05-15-2008, 03:02 AM
At my high school, classes ended in April. Seniors were then given a month to complete an 80-hour community service project complete with a presentation to give to the underclassmen.

I chose to volunteer at Cape Cod Hospital. I spent about 30 hours doing patient transport around the hospital, and 50 hours shadowing doctors. I loved the cardiac cath lab and pathology the best. In fact, the pathologists took such a liking to me they started saving all the best body parts for when I was coming. I got to see all the whole organs, the amputations, and the foreign objects. I even got to handle things, feel what a tumor feels like, and pinch the calcified veins of a diabetic who lost her leg. Eventually, they got so comfortable with me they showed me the box they kept under the bench of things that were too cool to toss. My two favorites were the finger that looked like it had a massive tapeworm attached to it (some guy had jumped to catch a ball and caught his ring on a fence and it pulled his finger off, and snapped the tendon out, all the way from his elbow), and the pencil. I'll leave the pencil to your imaginations.

Anyway, in short, my final days of high school were spent watching people with MIs getting cath'd and digging through bags of body parts when the pathologists needed to re-sample something .

Beat that.

05-15-2008, 10:11 PM
one of my juniors just banged into my room, all breathless.

"mrs. smith, did you eat lunch in the teacher's lounge today with the other teachers?" she demanded.

"no, chelsea. i had too many tests to grade."

she sighs. "well, you'll probably be the only one here tomorrow.' and after this remark she is out the door.

so i follow her down the hall, begging for more info. seems she and equally air headed home ec partner left their cheese dip in a locker overnight. then this morning one sneaked into the lab and put it back into the fridge so it would stop smelling. this noon the home ec teacher served it up to the other teachers.
i could be the only one here tomorrow--s6

05-15-2008, 10:13 PM
Oh no!!!

05-15-2008, 10:18 PM
I remember my last day of school. It was the one day of school that I made SURE I was there the whole time. I can remember a lot of people in my class not going that day, and that, to me, was looney. It's the last day you'll EVER be in school! It's the freest day you'll ever have there, because you can do whatever the hell you want and they couldn't really do a thing about it.

So, I took a long breakfast...I waited around the cafeteria with a few of my friends for about an hour before scampering off to my first class. Then after my first class, we all hung out in the library for a little while before meandering into our 2nd class. Then we had lunch and of course, we screwed around for pretty much the rest of the day after that.

It was funny because we'd talk to teachers, who knew we were supposed to be in class at the time, and they didn't care.

It was probably the funnest day of school I'd ever had and all I did was go to my classes long enough to return my books. lol