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05-14-2008, 07:04 AM
Let's assume your MC, a high school student with great grades etc., is applying to a variety of top-notch schools around the U.S. Is it possible - likely or otherwise - for this student's character/intergrity to be smeared on a blog or MySpace type of website by another student, such as charges of cheating levelled against the student?

Do some colleges do Google and MySpace searches of their prospective students? I know some businesses do that before hiring someone (or even after).

Short of faking and planting evidence, is there anything a malicious person could say in a blog/MySpace that could potentially hurt another student's chances of getting into a good school?


05-14-2008, 07:23 AM
I don't know too much about this. I just heard a college admissions officer giving a lecture about the admissions gain, and from the way she was talking, it seemed that she relies mostly on the school's profile of a typical student and the students submissions, SAT scores, essay, etc. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't google a student - that doesn't make sense - but I don't KNOW.

But maybe you could have someone email the admissions officer, giving them a link to the degrading content? I can imagine the admissions officer checking out the link for that reason.

About the content...if the student was trying to get into a milidly selective school, some rumors or exaggerated charges might be enough to tip the scales out of their favor. Say the accusation is that the student was part of a school-shooting threat. In reality, the student was only a suspect, simply because they played violent video games with the real culprit of the threat. I think something like that would make an admissions officer reconsider.

Sorry I can't give you more facts. Anyway, I hope I helped.


05-14-2008, 09:07 AM
I'd say no, they don't google students because it'd be difficult/time consuming to confirm that the person talking about on the blog/website is, in fact, the student in question. I don't think admissions officers really have the time, or patience, to go looking for that information.

Now maybe (and this is kind of farfetched) a student worker in the office of admissions could see something about a student on a site like facebook and then tell someone who tells someone else and so on until the admissions officers hear about it. if it's something severe enough, they might look into it.

As Feathers suggested, emailing could do the trick, too.