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Title: Dark Muse
Author(s): BrokenSword
Publication Date: June 01, 2008
Publisher: GreenDragon Publishing
Format: print
ISBN: 9780615196312
Price: $24.99
Logline: Dark Muse is a fantasy romance set in the 18th century in which the story is driven by original and authentic poetry. The tale describes a man's search for true love and his travails with lust and betrayal along the way. Among his lovers is the vampiric Celtic myth, Leanan Sidhe, who takes Jason as her artist lover. She seeks to seduce both his mind and body while giving him unearthly creative ability. Can Jason find the truth of both the Dark Muse and the love he seeks before his soul is devoured? Within the hints of his poetry that drives this tale, the answers lie waiting. Will he have the courage to confront the immortal Leanan Sidhe, Queen of the Fae and daughter of Sea Gods? As Jason holds a hand out to the love he's been seeking, as lust crashes like Atlantic waves on the rock of his soul, his experiences with both will be defined... in terms of betrayal...Dark Muse is ambitious in that this is no ordinary story. The elements are real even though the setting is fictional. The poetry is both original as well as authentic. Inside this story, the reader will learn how to write poetry as the masters once did, not the heartfelt journal entries all too common now. This is a tale of romance and discovery, where lust is shown alongside the vestiges of how love is supposed to be. In the end, words become the verse of life.

Link: http://www.SwordOfShakespeare.com
Link to author's website: http://swordofshakespeare.com/Dark%20Muse%20the%20novel.html
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