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nancy sv
05-03-2008, 04:02 AM
So I open an email today and it starts out:

"Hello Ms. Vogel, aka. Ms. Nancy, as my son **star student** refers to. I picked up star today on my Harley & he started telling me his teacher was taking a bike trip from north to south. So as you probably know star, he's explaining this to me & I'm correcting him, or so I thought, telling him its from the top of Idaho to the mexico border. He's saying "no, from the top to the bottom" & I'm telling him, "thats impossible, you misunderstood her" lol!

So he gave me your magnet card & we went to the website. I was stunned in awe!"

Anyway, the father went on to say he's glued to his computer reading about all our adventures and how he's thrilled that his son is being exposed to all this...

Anyway - that made my day today!!

05-03-2008, 04:22 AM
It is because you are special.....

Great news.

nancy sv
05-03-2008, 06:19 AM
Thanks sweetie!

05-03-2008, 06:44 AM
That is super, Nancy.

nancy sv
05-03-2008, 07:07 AM
It's especially neat because the student is one of my *ahem*problem kids - I'm really, really worried about this kid. But if his dad and him are excited about our journey, at least they'll follow along and the kid will learn something - even if he doesn't learn much at school!!

05-03-2008, 05:15 PM
That's way cool, and pretty neat that the dad took the time to let you know, too.

Different kinds of teaching, different types of knowledge, right? I mean, there's plenty the son could learn from following your trip avidly, right? Maybe it's not what's on the curriculum, but it's still learning.

Maryn, smiling

05-03-2008, 05:30 PM
Yeah, I'm reading up on your trip(s) and am blown away. I'll be keeping tabs for certain.